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“Master of Change” by Brad Stuhlberg

Upland Hills School logo and cover of the book Master of Change.

We are highlighting a powerful new book by Brad Stuhlberg called, Master of Change. The book serves as a guide to resilience and rugged flexibility. In it, the author outlines the science and art behind cultivating rugged flexibility, and his philosophy for navigating periods of disorder. Think of the guide as a “cliff notes” primer…

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Who We Are – An Upland Hills Podcast

Photo of Upland Hills School students and faculty.

The Upland Hills Council of Elders has asked Michael to create a podcast to highlight the stories from parents and other community members that tell the story of who we are as a school. For the first episode (available only on YouTube) Michael interviewed his parents, Colleen Cavanagh and Dan Kosuth, to talk about how…

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Download the full document here. UPLAND HILLS SCHOOL  ASSURANCE AND PREPAREDNESS PLAN 2020-2021 Upland Hills School  2575 Indian Lake Rd. Oxford, MI 48370 (248) 693-2878 WELCOME Dear Parents, Friends and Community Members,  We are on the cusp of beginning the most fraught and uncertain school year in generations.  There are no easy answers right now…

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Congratulations to Our 2020 Graduates

The long and winding road of the 2019-2020 school year came to a beautiful and emotional ending with the graduation of 7 amazing souls. Evie, Taylor, Ayden, Olivia, Jack, Turner and Kai have all created a multitude of memories and left pieces of them while on their UHS journey. Although the last trimester played out…

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