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Multi-Course Dinner, Beverages, Community

Ticket $75

4 pm

Squash Ginger Soup

Cabbage Roll /  White Bean & Shrimp Cassoulet

Fresh Winter Greens

Gnocchi alla Romana / Ragout (Braised Short Rib / Mushroom)

Cashew Cheese Cake

Nourish Upland Hills Kitchen

Motor City Gas, East River Organics, Lake Divide Farms, Loma Farm, Home Grown Brewery


Upland Hills Nourish Kitchen would like to invite you to a Full Moon Dinner Party on Saturday, February 27th starting at 4:00 pm. We will be serving a multi-course dinner with dessert and drinks for $75 per person. Bonfires will be lit around campus for pre-dinner socializing and guests will enjoy dinner in our heated tents, decorated especially for the occasion. Each tent seats up to 8 guests, so if you have a preference please indicate who you would like to sit with on the registration form.

The February full moon is often called the Snow Moon or the Hunger Moon. Long before grocery stores and take out, February could be a tense month for people living in this part of the world. Hunting was hard, food was scarce and supplies were often running low. This moon signifies a time to be grateful for and celebrate the abundance of nourishment we enjoy today, even in the depths of winter. The Snow Moon is also a time when many animals, like bears and beaver, start to stir and become active again as they anticipate the warmer, longer days of spring just around the corner. That sounds like something to celebrate!

Farm to Table Registration

  • Per ticket donation starting at $75.
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