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EAC - Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center

The mission of the Upland Hills School Ecological Awareness Center is to design and facilitate learning opportunities that: promote a responsible relationship with the natural world; demonstrate and promote world sustainability; bring the work and inspiration of world teachers to the Great Lakes Bioregion; encourage experiential learning, creativity and playfulness; promote global understanding; enable us to be what we teach; and cooperate with other organizations.

The EAC is rooted in the desire to inform and nurture awareness, accompanied by actions that promote the well-being of all life on Earth. Since our inception we have been exploring the relationship between energy, ecology, wellness and wisdom, and encouraging others to do the same.

Community Supported Agriculture - Welcome to the Upland Hills CSA!

This summer get your produce from a farmer you can really trust. Namely, yourself!

We grow a diverse selection of produce to supply the Upland Hills School hot lunch program and for our members. CSA members can opt in for a working or non-working share.

The CSA also serves as a rich and varied outdoor classroom for our students. From choosing seeds to planting, tending, harvesting and cooking our students are deeply immersed in the food circle. We endeavor to create a learning environment that inspires all of our students and families to gain awareness of nutrition, health, sustainability, teamwork and community.
2017 will be the ninth year of operation for Upland Hills CSA and we will offer a huge variety of vegetables and herbs.

The Upland Hills CSA Management Team worked hard to gain our organic certification and the CSA was certified organic in previous years by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). Starting March 2013, however, we did not renew the certification due to cost considerations. We remain committed to ecologically responsible and sustainable farming practices.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to call us! You can speak with Ken at (248) 693-0432.

Karen Joy Theater

The theatre experience has been an integral part of our curriculum since our beginning in 1971. It gives children a place to work together toward the common goal closest to the heart of a child, the magic of wonder.

Theatre not only gives children the opportunity to interact with music, beautiful language, and thoughtful ideas, but the transforming power of theatre can change a shy child into a confident one. How marvelous to be given the opportunity to explore different ways of being, to stand on stage expressing the emotion that will move an audience to tears and laughter. How exciting to be a part of that audience that is swept away by the vibrancy of a heartfelt performance! It is our belief that equipped with self-esteem, children will discover and improve themselves and their world. Theatre can be a potent vehicle in this pursuit.

Karen Moore, theater director