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Learning Framework

We Know Every Child

Upland Hills School provides a full academic program that emphasizes mastery of skills and creative growth. The heart of the school's teaching is through process driven experiences. Each student attends a morning meeting session where core academic subjects are taught. The school wide Afternoon Program is devoted to students exploring their passions and interests in a direct experiential process. The goal of the afternoon program is for students to expand their knowledge and abilities in seven disciplines. With class titles such as “Syruping and Swamping,” “Art Explore” and “Maker Space", children gravitate towards opportunities that nurture their spirits as well as their minds. Experiential learning brings alive information that would otherwise lie dormant in a book. Igniting the gifts and intelligences of both the staff and students creates a synergistic learning environment. The multiage approach to learning that is modeled in the afternoon program creates further opportunities for social growth and mastery of intrapersonal skills.

During each of the three semesters, every student works with his morning meeting teacher to put together a schedule that is compelling and filled with self-directed learning experiences. It is a direct and bold application of individuals exploring and realizing their unique expression of their intelligence.

Portfolio Documentation and Evaluation

Three times a year, teachers meet with parents to discuss the evolving growth of the student and co-create a vision for the next semester. The perspective of acknowledging and utilizing a child's strengths, talents and intelligences is primary to the discussion. The student, alone or in community with others is at the center of understanding.