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Vision Statement

Upland Hills School encourages children to know themselves and to connect with themselves and with their environment as responsible world citizens. We provide a full academic program that emphasizes mastery of skills and creative growth. Our vision is that through the alignment and commitment of parents and teachers, children will come to see themselves as having extraordinary learning potential and access to the greatest miracle or tool in the human experience: love.

Mission Statement

Upland Hills School, founded in 1971, is an independent school community whose purpose is to educate pre-high school age children. Our aim is to discover and respect the uniqueness of every child.

Guiding Principles

Upland Hills School holds the following principles as our core values and seeks to create an environment that:

  • Protects, nurtures, and defends the innocence of childhood
  • Encourages a relationship between children and the natural world
  • Empowers teachers and staff
  • Fosters cooperation and consensus in decision making
  • Promotes mutual respect and trust that encourages our community to form authentic relationships
  • Teaches us to think comprehensively
  • Builds friendships that connect us with others around the world