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Senior Project - graduating students are asked to propose an idea that he/she would like to design and create during the senior year. The project idea is presented to staff as a proposal including the design plan and financial budget. Students complete projects with the support of a staff mentor and present their process and project to the whole school at the end of the school year.

Examples of past senior projects: sailboat, ball box, electric bike, a novel.

Emma on first day of school.


This is a place
Where words do not hurt me
Where I only cry tears of joy
Where there is no judgment
No right
Or wrong
No shame
Or discomfort
You don’t have to be someone else
You can just be you
Who’s there to stop you
Someone once told me that
You don’t have to live in an expensive house
Or have fancy things
To be happy
It’s the place and people
That make you feel at home
And right now I’m home

-Emma Eshelman
This place means the world and then some, to me.

Emma on last day of school.


Quotes and testimonials from alumni parent, staff, and students.

"Learning was something that was integrated into every aspect; it wasn’t something that we sat down at a desk and were told to do. The experience that I received at Upland taught me that learning was enjoyable and would improve my outlook on life."

- Lila Hadden, UHS Class of 2014

"My time here was very special and what I learned from the visionary strivings of Phil and Karen Moore and the many beautiful staff will stay with me and continue to grow."

- Chris Calfin, UHS Alumni 1975-1976

"The school has become such a part of who I am and I carry it with me everywhere. It is the place I felt the most loved and the most loving. I am forever thankful for my time here."

- Kathy O’Keefe, Former UHS teacher 75-78

"What I learned and practiced about teaching and growing has been a philosophy I have carried through life. From Upland Hills, I learned to trust that people grow best when they are given trust, and love, and space to grow."

- Renee Bayer, Morning Meeting Teacher 1979 - 1982

"Upland Hills not only provided my daughter with everything she needed to grow into the fine young woman she is today, they enabled our entire family to experience education in an holistic environment among loving people. We can never thank them enough."

- Janis Grant, Alumni Parent 2000-2007