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Weekly Notes 12/13/2019

Ski Club Up North Adventure! 
Calling all skiers and snowboarders! Maureen Adelsperger is organizing a mid-winter break ski trip at Crystal Mountain.  Plan to arrive the evening of February 18th and ski Wednesday through Friday the 21st, heading home that evening. Seven families attended last year.  They all spoke so highly of this trip. The slopes were wide open and they shared evening meals together in the biggest condo. Pricing and housing selections will be available soon.  See the invitation posted on the UHS Parents Facebook page or contact Maureen Adelsperger directly at 269-779-7609 or

Megan’s Group Toy Store – Tuesday, December 17
Megan’s Group is proud to host the 5th annual gently used toy store this month.  The toy store, set up in Megan’s room during the school day, raises money to help heat the homes of low-income, Oakland County families through the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency.  Each group will have a chance to shop at the store. Please send no more than $5.00 in either $1.00 or $5.00 bills for your child(ren) to shop with. Children will be encouraged to use their money to purchase gifts for loved ones.  We appreciate your continued support of Megan’s math group project. 

Holiday Celebration / Secret Pals 
Next week the staff and students will celebrate the Season of Light.  The staff has planned many activities to help create a warm and festive time.  Our intention this year is to celebrate the joy of making and giving gifts.

Judy’s – Debbie’s Groups:
Each year UHS teachers exchange names within their groups for our secret pals tradition.  Next Wednesday, the lower school groups will have time to create and wrap gifts so there is no need to purchase or send in gifts for secret pals this year.  

Lori’s and Dom’s Groups: 
If you have a child in one of the upper school groups, you will receive information separately from your teacher regarding the secret pal exchange. On Thursday, we will come together in the big room for a special hour of holiday songs and stories, then students will return to their classrooms for the gift exchange. 

Giving Season 
As we enter into the giving season, please consider a contribution to our school’s Annual Fund.  It is with these donations that UHS is empowered to focus on projects and improvements that genuinely enhance the lives of our children and surrounding communities.  By making a donation today, you would be a part of current project initiatives to renew, upgrade and create the spaces your children love. Most notable current projects include the creation of two new geodesic domes housing a science lab and art studio, upgrading our Karen Joy theater, and continuing with the second portion of our farm-to-classroom program.  Donate on our website  No donation is too small and every donation is received with love and gratitude. Thank you!

South Oakland Shelter 
A tradition started by our long time teacher, Ted. In lieu of gifts to our staff, parents are asked to please consider a donation to South Oakland Shelter (SOS).  Earlier this year, Lighthouse of Oakland County and SOS merged to provide a stronger response to poverty in our community.  Their goal is to be ‘A New Beacon of Hope’ for those in need and provide a larger reach across all of southeastern Michigan.  Their work is centered around building communities that end homelessness and helping people move from crisis toward self-sufficiency.Upland Hills will be accepting donations for Lighthouse up to Thursday, December 19th. Monetary donations can be made here

Nourish Kitchen *Introducing New Items*
Chefs Cass and Jason are excited to be rolling out new food choices from the kitchen!  Their commitment to high quality, organic, healthy and affordable prepared food remains a top priority.  Nourish Kitchen is proud to serve lunches to over half our students on a daily basis, knowing that we are reducing our environmental footprint by significantly limiting packaging (plastic, cardboard, etc) and eliminating food waste, while offering a delicious homemade hot meal. With a continued emphasis on high quality, delicious food that is friendly to our planet, Nourish Kitchen is now offering the following items in addition to hot lunch: Daily Snacks: Parents can order their children a la carte snacks each day of the week.  Snacks are delivered to the morning meeting teachers at the start of the school day.  *We will continue to offer different snack options as we learn which ones students love best. Smoothies: Parents can order their children a Large(12oz) size smoothie each day of the week.  Smoothies can be an afternoon snack or a compliment to lunch. They are distributed at lunch time. Lunches, snacks and smoothies can be ordered any time, Thursday – Sunday each week at the Nourish Kitchen website

Snacks, Smoothies and more are always available in the Grab-n-Go trailer until 4:00PM daily, if you’d like to take something home or just treat yourself!   And don’t forget breakfast. Cass and Jason are in early every morning offering a tasty breakfast option made to order in just a few minutes. Stop by the trailer for your morning coffee/tea and breakfast! 

Harvest Store: Recycle, Return, Reuse
Harvest store will reuse the honey jars and the red mesh potato/onion bags.  Please return the jars and the bags to the harvest store when they are empty.Harvest Store is a student-run market selling organic vegetables from the garden. Stop by anytime to get your fresh, local veggies! The store is located in the school entryway. 

Currently for sale:
Yukon Gold Potatoes 2lb. bag = $4,  Onions 2lb. Bag = $3, Garlic = $1.25 each, 
Spaghetti Squash = $2.50, Pie Pumpkins = $2.00, Hickory Nuts $2, Honey $4 *SOLD OUT*

December 19th – Holiday Celebration for Staff and Students 
December 20 – January 4, 2020 Holiday Recess
Monday, January 6 – School Resumes 

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