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School Weekly Notes 3/21/19

Weekly Notes  

March 21, 2019

AUCTION – This Saturday!

To Do …. Turn in donations, RSVP to the event, sign up to volunteer!  

Simon’s Family Film Series  Returns

Song of the Sea –  Saturday March 30  2 pm / Karen Joy Theatre

Common Sense Media Reviews Song of the Sea as a beautifully hand-drawn animated adventure about Irish myths and legends, predominantly selkies — creatures that live as humans on land and seals in the water. While Song of the Sea is less intense than the director’s previous film, The Secret of Kells, it can still be intense and heartbreaking at times — like when it seems the kids might not survive, that Ben will drown, or Saoirse will succumb to her mysterious illness. It’s implied that their mother dies early in the film (right after baby Saoirse is born), and the Macha and her owls can be creepy and scary, particularly when they go after the kids. But in the end this is a powerful movie about the importance of sibling relationships, about accepting everything you feel (no matter how sad or scary), about literally and figuratively finding your voice, and about doing everything possible to protect the people you love.

Saturday, April 13 – 2 pm – Howl’s Moving Castle

Saturday, May 18 – 2 pm – The Wizard of Oz

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

2019 will be the eleventh year of operation for Upland Hills CSA.  This year we are excited to be partnering with Upland Hills School and Pure Foods Kitchen.  As part of these partnerships we will be adding new things to the garden, including small plots for the school classes and “demonstration” areas such as a wheat plot, a “three sisters” plot (corn, beans, and squash), a dry bean plot, a sorghum plot, and more.  These demonstration plots will be for school/self education to help us learn how to grow and harvest these crops. We are also beginning a new composting program to enrich the garden soil.

To Join or to learn more about Upland Hills School CSA click here

*** Event Tonight! ***

Free Webinar hosted by founding director, Phil Moore and meditation teacher, Jeff Carreira

“Shifting the Paradigm of Education Together”

Thursday, March 21st at 8:00PM EST

In this special hour-long online event Jeff Carreira and Phil Moore will share a vision of how our children can be educated differently.

Please visit Jeff’s website to learn more and register:

Ted Braude Parenting Workshop has been cancelled.

We hope to bring Ted and other workshop opportunities to you next fall.  

Avalon Village Benefit Concert

Ted is building another bridge. It’s a relationship between our community and Avalon Village in Highland Park.  You can explore Avalon Village online by searching it on Facebook. Last year, Dom’s group visited and met Mama Shu and saw some of the projects underway.  Ted’s been working there for the last 2 years helping to build a Homework House and a new front porch for Mama Shu. Part of this ‘bridge’ construction involves a benefit concert here at our theater on April 20th. Proceeds from the concert will go toward the construction of a gazebo at Avalon Village.  This structure will serve that community as a focal point for gatherings and be a source of income.  Mama Shu performs weddings and having a gazebo would enhance and increase that revenue avenue. The concert will feature The After School Band and other local talent TBA.  So please keep this in mind, mark your calendars and become a part of our community’s outreach.

Musical CD’s of our theater productions

Arts Festival / Winnie the Pooh CD’s are now available in the office. $10 each.

Ted has uploaded the musical album from A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Spotify so anyone can hear this wonderful music.  Search Upland Hills School in Spotify and you will see the music.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found has grown exponentially this week. Our students have been encouraged to look through the items left behind but, may need some help from their parents to identify their belongings. Please stop by the front porch to  claim your families belonging. The remaining items will be donated at the end of March.

March 21, 7pm – UHS Book Club

March 23 – UHS Annual Auction Fundraiser

March 29 – Library Helpers Field Trip to Book Beat

March 30, 2 pm – Family Film – Song of the Sea

April 1-6 – Spring break – no school

April 11 – Michael’s Group Parent Meeting

April 13,  2 pm – Family Film – Howl’s Moving Castle

April 19 – No School

April 20 – Avalon Village Benefit Concert

May 18,  2pm – Family Film – The Wizard of Oz

Access the school calendar at

* The school calendar sold by Robert does not include all dates!