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Holiday Gift Idea!

Hamilton Premiere in Detroit  is Tuesday, March 12th 2019. This special evening was donated to Upland Hills and two other non-profit organizations as a once in a lifetime fundraiser. Purchase your ticket through our website to attend what is said by the New York Times as “making its own resonant history by changing the language of musicals”.  To share this opportunity or to purchase tickets go to Hamilton Tickets

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Audio books are a big deal in my house. My kids love them and listen to them constantly. They also like to read, which I’m grateful for. Basically, they love a good story in any format. 

I first discovered the appeal and value of audio books…

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Meet our Artist in Residence

Teaching two afternoon classes. Brianne is an author and illustrator of picture books. Her debut, Ike’s Incredible Ink, was awarded the Marion Vannett Ridgway Book Award Honor for debut authors and was selected for the Society of Illustrators Original Art Show.

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Weekly Notes 

November 28, 2018

Family Matters, a presentation by Ted Braude November 29th at 5:30 pm

Family Matters: Power, Conflict and Love in Parent-Child Relationship.  

Family Matters introduces the mysterious dynamics of power, conflict and love in parent – child relationships. It offers an unique vision and practical practices parents can use immediately with beauty, grace and care that creates healthy personal power for the children and more love in the family.   A longtime friend of Upland Hills School, Ted is an integral psychologist, licensed Master Social Worker, author, therapist, mentor, a martial artist and musician. Family Dinner and child care are available for this event.

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